The VBAC Companion

The cesarean rate is finally dropping in the United States, primarily because women who have had this operation are saying no to a repeat cesarean. They are doing so because vaginal birth after cesarean, or VBAC, is generally safer than the alternative.

For most women, though, VBAC is still a scary prospect. In The VBAC Companion, Diana Korte explains the risks and benefits of both VBACs and repeat cesareans. She tells how to work on overcoming fears about labor, how to find a VBAC-friendly doctor (or midwife) and hospital (or birthing center), and how to get extra support, from a labor assistant, childbirth educator, or VBAC support group. Korte also describes pain-relieving techniques for labor, and routine hospital procedures to avoid. Throughout the book are VBAC success stories, told in the mothers own words, for inspiration on the path to a safe and joyful birth.