I decided to write a book after the birth of my fourth child because honestly, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had worked so hard towards my VBA3C. It seemed weird, even with four kids to not have something to work on and prepare, besides normal life. My heart was overwhelmed with God’s goodness and love for me and I knew I wanted to share more of not just my story, but I really believe this is all about Him.
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A Few Important Things Before Baby

Today I sat holding my VBA3C baby. Not so much baby anymore. But it makes me think of the birth day. And I held this little peanut and felt it again. The way I felt when I first reached down and grabbed my baby from the doctor.

The Birth day matters. It’s such a holy God moment when new life comes and breathes its first breath. Only God gives life and the day a child enters the world, there’s nothing like it.

If you want your day to be the best possible do a few things:

1. Choose your provider wisely. Not just anyone will do. Don’t try to make them seem supportive. They are or they aren’t.

2. Go with a plan. Knowing plans can change. But do plan for the best birth with a back-up plan up your sleeve only if necessary.

3. Handle any past pain before the birth. Let go of fear and anxiety. Look forward with joy. And if not, don’t force emotions on that day. Address them as they come.

4. Be willing to invest however you feel led be it with education (it’s important and free so just do it!), a doula, a chiropractor, maybe a massage here and there. It’s a one time event, prepare if you can.

5. Relax. Breathe deep. Take in the moments and trust the process.