A mother like you…

Hi friends.

I am just like you. A mother who wanted more.

I kept my journey to myself. I couldn’t handle criticism and negativity. My heart, it was just too tender.

But oh my, when I was pushing and my doula and doctor said, “she’s almost here!!!!” I knew it was going to happen.

Physically my body was working hard. Mentally my mind was too. Thinking back to all I wanted. All I worked for, was for this very moment.

So many said it couldn’t and it shouldn’t happen. But it was happening. I was aware of it moments before and during that this great battle was over and I had won.

I drove past the hospital I gave birth at last week. This is rare as I live so far away. And all the feelings came.

And I cried. I felt it all over again. And I remembered how I walked into that hospital as a mom in labor fighting my own thoughts and fears, to someone who was leaving feeling as though my entire life changed in that very moment.

I don’t know how to truly describe what it feels like deep within my spirit. It’s redeeming. It feels healing. There’s this rush of complete joy, something I have never felt before.

But I write to tell you…I didn’t have this all figured out. This was something I had never done before. It was brand new to me.

Maybe this is brand new to you and because of it, you think you can’t do it.

Well dear one, that’s just not true. We are all first timers many times in life. Everyone who has ever done something, has had to do it for the first time.

Please, please don’t think you can’t because you haven’t. You most certainly can.

And when you do, your world will change. You’ll become someone new. Someone empowered and a little more confident. Don’t get down because you’re trying something new. Go for it. Just watch what happens. Something beautiful is on the other side…

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Birth can be many things, why not believe it can be beautiful?

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