I decided to write a book after the birth of my fourth child because honestly, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had worked so hard towards my VBA3C. It seemed weird, even with four kids to not have something to work on and prepare, besides normal life. My heart was overwhelmed with God’s goodness and love for me and I knew I wanted to share more of not just my story, but I really believe this is all about Him.
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“Just in case you need a c-section, this is what we will do,” the anesthesiologist told me between contractions.

Politely I listened. Inside I refused to agree.

I knew what they would do. I knew his job. I knew it well.

He left.

“I’m not here for that. I won’t need him,” I said out loud. I had to clear the air.

I was in my zone, going with my body and he came in to talk about what ifs.


But this was MY birth room. I was here for MY birth. I didn’t want those words hanging around the room.

“I am not here for that. I am strong. I am strong. I am doing this.”

My heart remained focused. This whole journey had been a challenge for me.

“What will I believe? What shall I cast my eyes on?”

The birth I felt called to. The birth I desired for many years. The birth I prepared for for many, many months. I refused to allow another’s words take me off course.

Strong determination. Belief. And trust in my body. You’re no different. You can go into your birth believing with confidence that you are able. And why, dear reader, should we believe any different. ????