I decided to write a book after the birth of my fourth child because honestly, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had worked so hard towards my VBA3C. It seemed weird, even with four kids to not have something to work on and prepare, besides normal life. My heart was overwhelmed with God’s goodness and love for me and I knew I wanted to share more of not just my story, but I really believe this is all about Him.
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Empowering Birth

I love to see a story of a mother in labor who may start at a place of fear…fear of labor, questioning the ability of her body…fear of the outcome and to move into faith.

To go from, “I can’t” to “I can.”

To go from, “I can’t” to “I am.”

How beautiful is the mother who in early labor was afraid and later she becomes confident. She realizes the strength within her. She realizes the power within her.

The mighty force that works to squeeze and open her body is all working to bring forth…life.
New, fresh…life.

This thing. This power. Is beautiful. No interventions needed. The body, when allowed to work in the way it was created when fear and doubt are removed, can bring forth LIFE…all on it’s own.

And those who surround her, comfort and watch this process unfold. Layer by layer, each contraction that comes and goes is a process of bringing her baby one step closer to being born.

And my goodness. The awesomeness that exists when this mother confidently speaks up to tell her wants and her needs. This birth story is hers. Not a doctor, not a nurse, not even the rest of her family can understand the deep place she is in. She has been given perfect instincts of how to birth and what feels the best, what she needs next.

And when she feels empowered and safe to vocalize and speak, this is how it should be and all who surround her should happily and quickly comply.

The birthing mother who labors through each rush, each contraction must follow the path her body is taking. Instead of fighting, she embraces. And while her body works, her heart takes it in. Her heart, in that moment, those hours, her heart and who she is begins to change as well. She believes in herself. She trusts her body. She gains confidence in her abilities as a woman and a mother.

And as she pushes that baby out and brings her to her chest, she holds her close and says, “I did it.”

And she will never be the same person again.

As she was nurtured in a safe setting that trusted the process of birth she has a new belief in herself. Something within her that no one can take away.

She will walk differently. She will smile differently. She will face obstacles differently.

She’s not intimated by situations or people. Because she goes back to that day. That day when she was afraid but instead of fear she chose faith.

Because that day gave her the best gift of all…her baby. But it also was the day where she come forth better and stronger than before.