I decided to write a book after the birth of my fourth child because honestly, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had worked so hard towards my VBA3C. It seemed weird, even with four kids to not have something to work on and prepare, besides normal life. My heart was overwhelmed with God’s goodness and love for me and I knew I wanted to share more of not just my story, but I really believe this is all about Him.
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If I Could Tell Them One Thing

If I could tell them one thing.

You’re worth it.
You’re worth finding a good doctor.
You’re worth finding out what that doctor believes, what his philosophy of birth is.
You’re worth finding out your hospital’s c-section rate.
You’re worth finding out what the progression of a normal birth looks like.
You’re worth taking good childbirth classes.
You’re worth saving for a doula.
You’re worth thinking about how your baby will come into this world.
You’re worth the time, effort and heart and soul it takes to come up with a good birth plan and prepare for it.
You’re worth the investment of planning for the birth you desire.
You’re worth it. Your baby is worth it.
You don’t get do overs. You don’t get to figure all this out during labor.

Don’t be like me. I planned for my honeymoon, for my wedding, for my baby shower, for my home, for many events. But I did not plan for labor. I honestly didn’t know I needed to. That it would affect my baby, myself, my beliefs on life, my family and my future.

I didn’t know.

But here’s on thing I can tell you. Even if you plan, and you don’t have the birth you want, you still were most likely part of the decision making process. You had an idea of what was best for you, and you used your voice and hopefully it was heard. Women often feel more satisfied when they were active in the decisions made during birth *even if they don’t have the birth they planned for.*

So, you precious ladies are worth it. You’re so worth what you’re putting into this.
You’re being proactive in your births. I’m so proud of you.
I hope you’re proud of you too.

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